Automate Captcha Solving with 10Captcha - Faster, Cheaper and More Accurate!

10Captcha is a captchasolver service with high accuracy and budget savings. It recognizes reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha and other types of CAPTCHAs automatically. The price for the service will always be at least 2 times cheaper than manual recognition services and up to 30 times faster than them.

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7 sec
Average solving time
+6 types
Of Captchas supported
97% success
Captcha solving rate
3x cheaper
Than other recognition services

Why Choose 10Captcha?

+3x cheaper than other recognition services

The process is fully automated to solve captchas, This is why we guarantee the market’s lowest price

Very Fast & Accurate Solving

10Captcha uses the latest AI technology to automatically recognize captchas, making it up to 30x faster than average.

Competitive and Flexible Rates

Pay-per-captcha. Add minimum $1 and start to automatically recognize all types of captchas with accuracy and speed.


Our service API is easy to integrate with your favorite software. Register and Implement our API to your software.

Use Cases

10Captcha now offers image recognition services to customers utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Their mission is to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence further to expand the possibilities of technology-driven environments.

Web Testing
Social Media
Data Collection
Market Research
Online Shopping
Online Gaming
Financial Services


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Easy integration

Our services Can be easily integrated with any programs and scripts which require captcha recognition.
Use our application and enjoy easy integration without any programming skills

We work with Bablo
We work with GSA
We work with Key Collector
We work with Ranker X
We work with SEO Autopilot
We work with XseoN
+ More than 300 software programs

Frequently asked questions

Generate your API key from here, then, in your captcha software, enter the key to the API Key field
Yes, our servers are 99.9% uptime.
You can pay and add funds with Paypal, PayPro Global (Visa, Master, ...), or Bitcoin, then use your balance to start solving captchas If you have another preferred payment option, please contact us through our tickets. We offer a variety of payment methods to choose from
We charge you $0.0003 per captcha multiplied by the confidence coefficient of the neural network prediction that is always between 0 and 1. Therefore, actual captcha price is lower than $0.0003. Our statistics show that the average confidence coefficient is 87%.
GeeTest and FunCaptcha types are currently in development, both types should be ready in a beta version by next month.
Go to the demo page and upload a captcha image. You will see a solution result on that page.
reach support here.</a> We also prepared some integration help articles to help you out. Check these links for more info: How to Integrate! 10Captcha Emulator API Documentation " placeholder="Answer" required>Yes, Our support team is ready to help you in the integration, <a href="tickets.php">reach support here.</a> We also prepared some integration help articles to help you out. Check these links for more info: How to Integrate! 10Captcha Emulator API Documentation

Start saving up to 90% of your budget on recognizing captchas with 10Captcha